Helsinki International Boat Show 2019 is ongoing during this week in Helsinki. Boat show offers variety of interesting things to see if you are interested in sailing, boats, fishing or watersports. Association of Finnish Wooden boat builders has also their exhibition full of beautiful handicrafts in the form of wooden boats. One of the exhibitors is Saimaan Puuvene from Rantasalmi.

Jarmo Jauhanen from Saimaan Puuvene has made two boats using VENDIA marineplank and brought these to boats Wäinö and Aino to the boat show. Model Wäinö is based on 125-year-old boat models and is a model created by Saimaan Puuvene. Wäinö is 5 meters long and has width of 1,5 meters. Aino is sister of Wäinö as it is a halfgliding fishing and trip boat.
Plenty of people have visited the boat show and also boat sales have been nice. And no wonder – what would be better place and time to meet boatbuilders and check out the fabulous wooden boats if you dream of having a new wooden boat to yourself for the next summer. Helsinki International Boat Show is still open until February 17.