Review of VENDIA marine plank by Adrian Morgan

Last April we wrote about Scottish Adrian Morgan who was fascinated by VENDIA marine plank and built Bob - 4,8 meters long skiff. Adrian found VENDIA marine plank from Richard Jagel's article in WoodenBoat magazine and wrote also a review of VENDIA marine plank himself in the same magazine later this autumn (issue September/October 2015). 

Pulling boat made of VENDIA

A project started in April 2015 which aimed to design a sportier and lighter boat, so called pulling boat, mainly for use of boat building courses. The plan was to create a boat model that would be faster to build than traditional clinker boat. This feature would bring cost benefits especially for the boat building courses. In addition to the cost benefits the aim was to design a boat that would be fast and sensitive to row.

VENDIA products available until further notice

Our customers have been very sad to hear the bad news that the manufacturing of VENDIA marine plank has been finished. Many of our customers have ordered large quantities of VENDIA marine plank because they still want to build wooden boats of this great material. We will manufacture all orders in the name of bankrupt’s estate until further notice.
We are trying to find a solution with our partners on how we could continue to manufacture VENDIA products in the future.

Joensuu Agricultural exhibition 2015

Joensuu Agricultural exhibition offered its' guests lot to see. Sunny days attracted lots of people to the  fair area and total 73 000 people visited at Joensuu Agricultural exhibition. We were also there presenting VENDIA marine plank and other VENDIA products. We had also our new product on view at the fair: VENDIA with a mahogany face veneer. In addition there were one wooden boat made of VENDIA marine plank. The boat was made by Boatyard Ruotsalainen from Nurmes.

Agricultural exhibition in Joensuu 2.-4.7.2015

VENDIA will be at Joensuu agricultural exhibition 2.-4.7.2015. On VENDIA’s presentation stand you will get to know to VENDIA marine plank and other products from VENDIA product family. There will be also our new product option, VENDIA marine plank with a mahogany face veneer.
You will find us from the section J 252, welcome!

VENDIA is now available also with mahogany face veneer!

VENDIA marine plank is now available also with mahogany face veneer. Body of the marine plank is still made of Finnish old-grown pine, but now we can offer sliced mahogany (khaya) veneer as a face veneer option. VENDIA marine plank with the mahogany face veneer is available on special order and delivery time for the product is approximately three weeks from the order. Other face veneer options are also possible.