Greetings from Kallavesj’ 2016 fair!

Kallavesj’ 2016 fair was held on the first weekend of April in Kuopio, Finland and it was an opportunity to see our mahogany faced VENDIA marine plank. Niko-pulling boat was also present. It looked great since it had received the final varnish layers and the beautiful appeareance of mahogany really stood out.

VENDIA at Kallavesj’ 2016 exhibition 1.-3.4.2016

VENDIA will be at Kallavesj’ 2016 exhibition from 1st to 3rd April. On VENDIA's presentation stand you will get to know to VENDIA marine plank and other products from VENDIA product family. Our new product, VENDIA with mahogany face veneer will be also presented. You will find us from the section E10.
New! Previously introduced pulling boat Niko, made of mahogany VENDIA marine plank is presented in our section. Another boat that can be found from section will be Savonian-type rowing boat made of normal VENDIA marine plank by Boatyard Ruotsalainen.