Doing by own hands is great mindfulness

Would you like to build a wooden boat for yourself and at the same time enjoy the great feeling of doing something by your own hands? Plenty of studies show that doing something sensible by own hands calms and brings good mood and satisfaction. So what could be better way to spend the free evenings than building a beautiful wooden boat for yourself for the next summer?

Exercise on the waters

It is one of the most beautiful and hottest days of summer as Niko rowing boat is gliding on the lake Kallavesi. Steady pulls by the oars keep the Niko-boat (designed by Jarmo Häkkinen) and the couple rowing the boat moving fast on the surface of the water. Trip like this gives a perfect chance to admire the beautiful scenery of the lake but it also goes for a good exercise. A single person as well thanks to its adjustable benches could row the boat.

Fast boats from Sulkava

Sulkava Rowing Race, also known as one of the world’s biggest rowing events, is approaching in July. It all started in 1968 on the 14th of July as 21 boats competed of rowing around Partalansaari for the first time. All boats reached the 12 hour time limit and the fastest rowers were Antero Tiainen and Esko Miettinen with a time of 7.32,05. The event kept growing over the following years and two years later it was called “The grand Sulkava rowing race”. Over the history of 49 years the largest amount of participants during one year has reached the astonishing limit of 10 000 people.

Greetings from Kallavesj’ 2016 fair!

Kallavesj’ 2016 fair was held on the first weekend of April in Kuopio, Finland and it was an opportunity to see our mahogany faced VENDIA marine plank. Niko-pulling boat was also present. It looked great since it had received the final varnish layers and the beautiful appeareance of mahogany really stood out.

Scarf jointing of VENDIA marine plank

VENDIA marine plank is available in lengths of 2 600 mm and 3 000 mm. Scarf jointing is easy and simple way to lengthen a marine plank. We have got questions about how the scarf jointing can be made. Video about scarf jointing is now ready to watch. In the video, the designer and builder of Niko pulling boat Jarmo Häkkinen shows how the scarf jointing of VENDIA marine plank happens.