Greetings from Kallavesj’ 2015 exhibition

VENDIA was on view in Kuopio, Finland at Kallavesj’ 2015 boat show on 10.-12.4.2015. There were exhibitors from the fields of boating, tourism and leisure time and during the weekend there were approximately 25 000 visitors. At the boat show we were together with Boatyard Aki Ruotsalainen, so the crowd also had the ability to see two boats made of VENDIA marine plank.

VENDIA at Kallavesj’ 2015 exhibition

VENDIA will be at Kallavesj’ 2015 exhibition in Kuopio, Finland from 10th to 12th April. Kallavesj’ 2015 is a fair for boating, tourism, and leisure time so there will be something to see to whole family. On VENDIA’s presentation stand you will get to know to VENDIA marine plank and other products from VENDIA product family. There will be also the next generation VENDIA marina plank, VENDIA Pro, which was introduced at Helsinki International Boat Show in February 2015.