We wish all our Customers a great Christmas holiday. A big shoutout to all the new friends, customers and partners that we have found in the last year. A big thumbs up to Elwood Boats from Kuopio, Merike Oy from Kemi, bout.fi, the Arctic Sea Camel Project, Holzkajakwerft and Alveus Bootsbau from Germany, de bootbouwschool from Holland, Kräutler Engines from Austria, Jordanboats from the UK, boatkits.eu from Denmark, X shore boats from Sweden and Tenonvene and Jokivene Kivilompolo from Lapland. Thank you to all the boatbuilders that have put their trust into us and our product to fulfill their dream of a beautiful, long lasting wooden boat.

We are continuously working on our product range. We are alsotrying to improve the quality of our standard product, the Vendia boat Plank to make our customers even happier!

Hyvää Joulua! Happy Cristmas!