We would like to invite you to visit us in Finland and build the Finnia canoe together with us, which you can use immediately after the course and take with you. We are sure to find a suitable paddling area, either right on our doorstep on Lake Kukkia, or on one of the other waters here in Finland, there is plenty of choice. In addition to canoe building, we also offer participants the opportunity to get to know the people and culture of Finland. By using CNC-milled components, it is possible for even less experienced craftsmen to build the canoe. The course is offered in Finish, english and German. 

The first course in 2024 will take place from 03.06.-14.06.2024. (two places still available)

The second course this summer will be held from 01.07 to 12.07.2024. (one place still available)

If you want to register or have questions about the course, please contact the course leader Juho Paaso (+358 45 6720874) or Leena Ilmola-Sheppard (+358 40 5454265) from Vendia Woods. We are in the process of planning dates for further courses this summer, we will keep you updated here.

We offer this course explicitly as a duo building course, which means that each canoe is built by at least two participants. As it is a two-seater, this is a great project for mum/dad and son/daughter, for couples or even good friends. Of course, togetherness is also a central component of this course. As last year, we offer various accommodation options and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

The canoe

The canoe we offer in the course is a new construction by our customer and partner Thomas Vochezer (holzkajakwerft.de) from the Allgäu. It is a two-seater that is ideal for water hiking. The canoe has been specially developed taking into account the material properties of our Vendia marine plywood. It is a clinker construction made of 5 and 6 mm thick boards. The clinker construction method makes it possible to build without the use of fibreglass mats.

The surface treatment will be done on site with a mixture of linseed oil, pine tar and wood turpentine, which makes it possible to finish the treatment within a short time and to use the canoe immediately afterwards. Of course, it would also be possible to give the finished canoe a varnish, but this cannot be done within a short time. Of course, we leave it up to each course participant to carry out the surface treatment according to his or her own taste.

Finnia Kanu 3

Finnia - Clinker Canoe

Technical data:

  • Length: 4,56m
  • Width: 0,8m
  • Weight: 30kg
  • Seats: 2
  • Payload: 200kg
  • Material: Vendia Boatplanks
  • Surface Treatment: Linseedoil - Tar - Terpentine mix

Varnishing the Canoe is a viable option, but it takes more time and is not possible to be finished during the Course.

Please send me more info about the course!


The farm "Ämmätsän Kartano " is a beautiful 18th century farmstead. Situated in the middle of vast forests, on the shore of a small lake, this farm provides a very beautiful backdrop for our canoe building course. The building seen in the photos has been renovated in recent years and offers guests a very nice Scandinavian ambience. There are 3 double rooms and spacious common rooms. Of course, this house also has a sauna, there is no other way in Finland. The large communal kitchen is ideal for social evenings with good food. The distance to Luopioinen is about 13 km. It is possible to borrow electric bikes/bicycles for the duration of the course.

Arrival with camper/caravan

It is possible to rent a caravan at the farm. The sauna on the beach is available to all course participants. It is also possible to stay overnight in a tent. Our course participants also have the possibility to arrange their own accommodation here in the area, we are happy to help with this as well.


In the picture you can see Lake Kukkia. Characterised by many small islands, beautiful bays and countless places to linger, this lake offers a very beautiful paddling area. Due to the shallow depth and many dangerous stones, the lake is a difficult body of water for motor boaters, all the better for us paddlers! The region around Luopioinen is characterised by old forests and many small and medium-sized lakes. The village of Luopioinen is situated on the western shore of Lake Kukkia and offers many opportunities for visitors. Sports and cultural activities are varied during the summer months. At a distance of about 60 kilometres you will find the somewhat larger cities of Tampere and Hämeenlinna, which are certainly worth a trip

We can help you finding ways to travel to Finland.


Please send me more info about the course!

Book the course

The number of participants is limited to 6 canoes. If you are interested, please request more information with the form above, or call us: the teacher Juho Paaso (+358 45 6720874) or Leena Ilmola-Sheppard (+358 40 5454265) from Vendia

After a promising start in the year 2023 we are looking forward to the next summers courses!


Canoe building course (incl. all Materials, Instructions, tools):     2480,- € (incl.24% VAT) This price is for one Canoe/ 2 builders


  • own tent:                                                               20,- tent/night
  • own caravan/mobile home:                                  30,- mobile home/night
  • Mäkelä (large wooden house (max. 6 adults)       1400,- / 12 nights
  • own Cabin                                                             ask for a quote

Breakfast / Coffee / Lunch (optional)                         30,-/person/day

If you are interested in organizing Finnia Canoe building courses yourself, get in Contact with us. The Canoe comes as a building kit, including all materials needed, the requirements for the workshop are minimal.