Launching the first boat

The first boat made of VENDIA marine plank was built at the Ingman College of Crafts and Design in January 2014. The Venla-boat was launched for the first time on August 6th, 2014 in Kuopio, Finland. Paul Hämäläinen, the owner of the new boat was one of the participants. He is also boatbuilder and has finished the surface of the boat. Ilmo Koivisto, builder of this first boat and other interested craftsmen were also present.

Experiences of the boatbuilder

Boatyard Ruotsalainen from Nurmes has built wooden boats of VENDIA marine plank among the first boatbuilders in Finland. Ruotsalainen has built wooden boats over 30 years, so he was very interested in this new type of marine plank and he also saw it as a welcome novelty in addition to traditional plywood. Now Ruotsalainen has built two boats of VENDIA marine plank and his experiences have been great. Also his customers have liked the end result and especially they have been taken to the appearance of the marine plank.