It is one of the most beautiful and hottest days of summer as Niko rowing boat is gliding on the lake Kallavesi. Steady pulls by the oars keep the Niko-boat (designed by Jarmo Häkkinen) and the couple rowing the boat moving fast on the surface of the water. Trip like this gives a perfect chance to admire the beautiful scenery of the lake but it also goes for a good exercise. A single person as well thanks to its adjustable benches could row the boat.
It is time for a short stop in a peaceful bay, which is the perfect place to enjoy the great weather and have a snack before continuing the trip. One might wonder could this possibly be the best way to enjoy a summer day? 

The boat used is Niko pulling boat made of mahogany faced VENDIA marine plank. When looking at the boat on the clean and blue coloured lake you might wonder could a rowing boat look more beautiful than this?
Rowing of a handmade wooden boat on a perfect summer day truly refreshes your body and soul. Niko pulling boat is easy to move thanks to its lightweight (appr. 60 kg) and it is also an easy boat model to build if you are a first timer in wooden boat building.
Have a nice rowing days!