VENDIA had busy 10 days in Helsinki when over 73 000 people visited Vene Båt 2015 fair on 6.-15.2.2015. There was a constant bustle at wooden boat section. It was nice to note that wooden boats still interest people and wood as a natural material is even on the up and up from previous years. Many of the visitors sighed how wonderful the wood smells.
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VENDIA marine plank as a new product attracted lots of attention and genuine interest among the fair visitors. In addition to marine plank there were also other VENDIA products and two boats made of VENDIA marine plank on view. These boats intrigued people because they emphasized the traditional craftsmanship and beautiful material. The fair visitors admired that VENDIA marine plank looks like a solid wood but thanks to the knot-free surface it is more beautiful. Advantage is also that because of the plank structure VENDIA doesn’t crack and it is more durable than the solid plank. As one of the fair visitors said: “I don’t see any problem if the boat looks beautiful.”
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Technical features of VENDIA marine plank interested a lot the people who visited VENDIA’s presentation stand. Differences between sliced and peeled veneer, characteristics of VENDIA marine plank and plywood, glue, raw material, bending performance of the plank and impregnates for wooden boats were the topics of the questions. We would like to share these important features of VENDIA marine plank more detailed also to the readers of this blog. Inspired by these questions we will present a series in which we will describe these technical characteristics of VENDIA marine plank. In the next blog post we will introduce the differences between sliced and peeled veneer.